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Artown is a 501c3 Non-profit Nevada corporation operating in Washoe County, Nevada Artown provides presentation opportunities to hundreds of artists and organizations during its annual multidisciplinary July summer arts festival. Artown brings hundreds of artists together creating a spectacular presentation of arts and culture for the entire community.



Contact Artown staff at 775-322-1538 or

Beth Macmillan, Executive Director

Clyde Takahashi, Festival Manager

Mike Esposito, Admin Manager



James Freeman - Web Design

Kathleen Hilton - Curtis Bookkeeping Services

Ivette Valenzuela - Graphic Designer

Rosie Brownlow - Outreach and Education Coordinator

KPS3 - Marketing

Grace Larkins Design  - Little Book Design

Spanish Translation by Aline Doignon-Vaca and Sylvia Doignon



PIAF! - The Show


Pink Martini


Paul Taylor Dance Company


The 5 Browns