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Edwin Martinez-Escobar

Edwin Martinez-Escobar
2022 Atown Poster Artist

Artown’s 2022 Commissioned Poster Artist is Mexico City-born, Reno-based muralist Edwin Martinez-Escobar. Escobar’s stunning murals, filled with vibrant colors, and his signature portraiture depicting historical Mexican figures can be seen throughout northern Nevada, beautifying urban landscapes.

“I moved from Mexico City to northern Nevada at the age of nine. Living amongst Mexico's rich culture--from indigenous roots to Spanish heritage--and being exposed to many other cultural influences from around the world, awakened my love and passion for art,” notes Martinez-Escobar. “My inspiration for this piece is the love I have for this region, the land, water, our skies, the people, and its history. After years of limited access to in-person gatherings, everything is starting to flourish, a rebirth!”

In speaking about the 2022 Artown commissioned poster, Martinez-Escobar explains “‘Nativo’ represents a reemergence and celebration of art, culture, music, dancing, freedom, what art is all about. It was an honor and a pleasure to be a part of this process.”

Instagram: @martinezesco