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Artown stands in solidarity

Artown’s statement on anti-racism (The policy or practice of opposing racism and promoting racial tolerance)

To all Arts Patrons, Artown Partners and Artists,

First of all, we hope you are safe and well.

There have been many messages that have started this way during the COVID-19 crisis, but we must be completely honest. We know that many in our community are not safe and not well.

We are united in calling for the end to the racist and sanctioned killing of Black people. We are committed to building organizations that are stronger because of the diverse voices leading them. We embrace each other and the healing that is possible through the arts.

On behalf of Artown’s board of directors and staff:

• We stand in solidarity with Black artists, Black arts professionals and the Black communities we serve. We acknowledge the daily physical and emotional risks and burdens you bear and that you are often targeted for your Blackness

• We urge that arts organizations, arts workers and artists hold ourselves to a higher standard by examining our own practices as they pertain to racial equity, diversity and inclusion

• We honor Black people as a vital part of our collective American identity and as inextricable contributors to the American cultural fabric, and to whom we owe a great debt

• We believe in the sanctity of life, the promise of liberty, and the most fundamental and absolute right to personal safety regardless of race or gender. We believe in nonviolence and justice

• Artown will be a catalyst for change by educating ourselves on anti-racism by reading books, articles, listening to podcasts on the subject, supporting local Black artists and change makers.  We will continue to use our platform to amplify Black voices

Artown has committed to building a diverse Board inclusive of Black, Latinx, Native American and LGBT members who are able to provide important insights to these issues. We will hold ourselves accountable, and if we fall short, we will listen.

Artown Board of Directors and Staff


City of Reno