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Scott Silven

How to Artown!

The Artown Presenter portal closes in:

  • Go to and find the sliding 1200 px x 400 px banner near the header that says “Artown’s 2023 Presenter Portal Opens January 1 Closes March 31 Click to sign up now!”
  • Click on that banner.
  • New registrants will click on the blue script link that says Register for an account below the blue Sign-in box. This is also the page where returning presenters may login and proceed to the portal. If you do not wish to click on the banner on, you may simply type in into your browser, which lands on the Sign-in page.
  • Just fill out the registration page. You’ll be making sure to record/save/write down your log in credentials you’ll need to access the portal’s sign-in page once you have completed the reg form.
  • On the Sign-in page you’ll see a red box that says 2023 Presenter Handbook Agreement. This document is 9-pages explaining “How to Artown”--the best practices and resource info needed to successfully present at Artown in 2023. It also is your official presenter agreement, which you will read, understand, print, sign and return to via email at the email address listed in the document. You may also send your signed hard copies to the Artown offices.
  • Once you are fully prepared to fill in the data on the presenter portal’s four-pages of info (date, location, time, gate time, ticket price, venue phone number, food & beverages, artistic genre, photos, press release, insurance, etc.) you will go to the Sign-in page by typing into your browser or just go back to the banner link at that says Click to Sign up. This opens the Sign-in page.
  • Login using your login credentials that you just created on the registration form.
  • You’ll be taken to a page that says Artown Presenter Portal at the top right.
  • Click on the tab at the header that says, “Add Presentation.” That tab opens page one of the four-page process.
  • You’ll see Step One: Presentation Details.
  • Fill in every data cell on that first page.
  • Then click on the blue box at the bottom of the page that says “Continue…”
  • Proceed with the three additional pages of data required--which are: requests for photo uploads (up to four photos, one will be your landscape cover image sized at 1200 px x 400 px and three others that are thumbnails for your landing page on the website); the next pages asks for your press release and the final page asks you to check boxes verifying that you have (or will have) insurance.
  • Once submitted, Artown gets a notification for approval of your submission and your data cells are all filled-in--it’s approved!
  • *Critically Important: Great photos get considered for publication in 55,000 Artown festival guides called the “Little Book.” Bad photos are a bummer and hurt your event and negatively impact event attendance and will not be considered for print publication.

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MAY 9, 2023


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Travel down the rabbit hole MOMIX-style with Pendleton’s newest creation, ALICE, inspired by Lewis Carroll’s classic Alice in Wonderland. “I don’t intend to retell the whole Alice story,” Pendleton says, “but to use it as a taking off point for invention.” Full of imagery, the ALICE story lets the imagination run and play with the fusion of dancing, lighting, music, costumes, and projected imagery; audiences will be taken on a journey that is magical, mysterious, fun, eccentric and much more. A feast of visual splendor and creative movement, ALICE reveals that nothing in MOMIX’s world is as it seems.


April 14-20, 2023


Candles flicker. Whisky pours. Conversation stirs. Before the night is over you will have encountered the impossible. At the Illusionist’s Table is an unforgettable sensory experience which includes an intimate 3-course gourmet dinner (by Chef Mark Estee) with only 24 guests--plus whisky tasting! Mesmerizing mentalist Scott Silven unravels mysteries and YOU become part of a story from Silven’s past that will inspire the present and affect the future. Your seat at the table awaits…

AT THE ILLUSIONIST'S TABLE with SCOTT SILVEN - Tickets April 14-20, 2023.