Fun Four Color Challenge

Family Fun Four Color Challenge

For $1.00 + tax, 4 preselected colors, a 4 inch tile, and Only a 1 hour time limit; be creative and make a 2018 Artown memory. We will glaze & fire your tile, and it will be ready for pick up in 2 weeks from the date you painted. This fun exclusive workshop is only a small sample of the many choices we have on our fabulous shelves. Please stay after you're done with this special project, and for regular affordable prices enjoy a great experience at The Clay Canvas!

Event Details

Phone: 828.4118
Admission: Ticketed $1.00 + tax

The Clay Canvas
550 W. Plumb Ln., Ste. G
Reno, NV 89509
P: 828.4118

Event Schedule

July 2 1pm - 5pm
July 5 1pm - 8pm
July 9 1pm - 5pm
July 12 1pm - 8pm
July 16 1pm - 5pm
July 19 1pm - 8pm
July 23 1pm - 5pm
July 26 1pm - 8pm
July 30 1pm - 5pm
Gate/Door Time: 1pm


City of Reno