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This class is all about learning to take a book and repurpose it through it's pages from within.. This class will be taught by the designers of the 2019 Artown poster; Rachael, Debbie and/or John-Henry Lambin. Basic folding and creating beautiful book sculptures will be created.... All supplies will be included. Class size up to 15

COVID-19 Special Statement:

All participants need to wear a mask as they will be sitting at a large table and within range needed for Covid-19

Event Details

Phone: 781.6894
Admission: Ticketed $25
More Info: My Thousand Words book sculptures

Elegant Avenue
The Sierra Summit Mall
Reno, NV 89511
P: 7757816894

Event Schedule

July 11 1pm - 3pm
Gate/Door Time: 1pm


City of RenoWashoe County Nevada