J. Charboneau Mobile-Bike Art Show

Visual J. Charboneau Mobile-Bike Art Show

Local artist J.Charboneau will be hosting a traveling pop-up art show on her mobile art bike. Starting at Wingfield Park she will bike to multiple locations around downtown and along the river showcasing a pop-up mobile art show. She will also be painting live and creating other entertaining installations. An interactive map of locations and times will be available on her website. (www.jcharboneau.com) Paintings will be available for sale. START = 11am @Wingfield/ END = 6pm @Wingfield Park

COVID-19 Special Statement:

This will be an outdoor travelling installation. Patrons are encouraged to wear a mask and follow the 6 foot distance protocol.

Event Details

Phone: 651.361.0757
Admission: Free
More Info: jcharboneau.com

Wingfield Park
2 S. Arlington Ave.
Reno, NV 89501

Event Schedule

July 1 11am - 6pm
Gate/Door Time: 11am

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