When Churchyards Yawn

Theater When Churchyards Yawn

It's 40 years later, and all the dead Hamlet characters have graduated from Limbo to Purgatory. Seems there's been a bit of a backlog. Hamlet Senior is ancient. and over it. Polonius is befuddled, as ever. Rosencrantz feels like a nit wit, Guildenstern blames Rosencrantz. Ophelia is innocent and furious, Gertrude is spitting mad. Claudius is contrite to the point that you want to smack him. Written by Jeanmarie Simpson, this new divine comedy is revealed publicly for the first time.

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Okay, that's fine. Not sure what I'm supposed to do besides agree.

Event Details

Phone: 480.510.2024
Admission: Donation Pay What You Can
Food & beverage available
More Info: arizonatheatrematters.org

Potentialist Workshop
836 E. Second St.
Reno, NV 89502

Event Schedule

July 17 10am - 1pm
Gate/Door Time: 9:45am


The Lyman Fund, The Living History Foundation