Tack Fuse Fun

Family Tack Fuse Fun

Using your favorite colors and adding clear broken glass to create a unique effect for your glass piece. No experience required. No glass cutting required. Kids welcome.

COVID-19 Special Statement:

Signage explaining the event's Covid-19 safety protocols at entry points Hand sanitizer station(s) Masks required for entry 6ft social distancing markers for seating and standing arrangements, with maximum capacities that comply with the Governor's Phase 1-3 edicts for safe gatherings.

Event Details

Phone: 409.3943
Admission: Ticketed $45.
More Info: Artglasspros.com

Fused Finery
1 Booth St.
Reno, NV 89509
P: 409.3943

Event Schedule

July 26 11am - 1pm
Gate/Door Time: 1pm


City of RenoWashoe County Nevada