How Gaming Made Reno Famous

History How Gaming Made Reno Famous

From day one, there has been gambling in Reno. What made Reno and all of Nevada different from the other states was in 1931 gaming was legalized in Nevada. With legal gaming again, everyone rushed to Nevada to gamble. But wait a minute, 1931 was the beginning of the Great Depression! Around the same time, Nevada changed the divorce law to only six weeks! People flocked to Nevada to get a divorce. Well, what do you do for six long weeks? All of Reno's downtown area was salons and casinos, but there were all kinds of stores like Woolworth's, Penny's, Sears, Sewell's grocery, Grey Reid's, etc. So how do you get people into the casinos to gamble? Come to Artown at the Nevada Historical Society to hear the answers! Speakers: Russell and Kitty Umbraco Gallery Attendants available to answer questions in NHS Galleries

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Phone: 755.688.1190
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Nevada Historical Society
1650 N. Virginia St.
Reno, NV 89503

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July 8 1pm - 2pm
Gate/Door Time: 12:45pm

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