Ullaine and the Lost Pick Handle Mine

History Ullaine and the Lost Pick Handle Mine

The tale begins around the turn of the 20th Century with a sheepherder discovering a vein of gold-bearing quartz near the mouth of Becker Canyon in the Shoshone Range. Marking his vein by sticking a pick in the crotch of a tree with the handle pointing toward the site, the sheepherder hurried off to record his find. Returning, he could find neither his pick nor the rich quartz vein. Then, in 1906, gold was discovered in veins up in the range itself, setting off a rush and the formation of a tent camp. But what was its name? Was it named after a popular kerosene brand of the time, “Ullaine” or “Elaine?” or maybe “Eullaine?” or even “Ursline?” Was the camp in the flat east of the range? Or was it high in Becker Canyon? Then there is the grave of an old miner, John McLeod. He died in the camp in 1908 and is buried “under the pines in the mountains he loved”—but where? Will we answer some of these questions? Maybe, or maybe not. And what about that lost gold? Speaker: Joe Tingley Gallery Attendants available to answer questions in NHS Galleries

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July 15 1pm - 2pm
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