Executive Director's Message | Artown

Executive Director's Message

Hello Friends!

Artown is back! 2021 is year of rebirth and reemergence.  It is our honor to reconnect our community to one another, to encourage laughter, love and hope; when the curtain goes up on July 1st and we will applaud our community, the arts and our ability to be together.

Artown's 26th anniversary will welcome in-person arts gatherings so we may enjoy meaningful artistic experiences.  I am encouraged to watch the artistic narrative as we emerge from a year where we all lived in isolation.  The arts are provocative, thoughtful and truthful.  Artists are creative story tellers of and through their voice of song, dance, theater, visual art and literature we will laugh, cry and heal as we build a more peaceful and unified world.  I am so proud that Artown provides a platform for equity, inclusion, diversity and access while offering our community the opportunity to experience exceptional international and national artists as well as hundreds of talented homegrown artists.

Artown's donors and funding partners continue to uphold their support for this organization. We have their confidence to serve every person in our community and shine a spotlight on the relevance and authenticity of every artist we feature.  We believe that a vibrant arts industry builds deep cultural roots and is the foundation for a society well versed in creativity.  I know that by dreaming big we continue to exceed all expectations.

This year as we are making the impossible possible!  I am honored to work with an exceptional staff, dedicated Board of Directors and many partners who always say 'yes' to my crazy ideas and belief that our audiences and artists deserve the best!

Warm regards to you all and thanks for your support!





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