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Job Opportunity with Artown

Education and Outreach Coordinator

Outreach and Education at Artown

Every July Artown engages the community in exciting and unique outreach opportunities that range from programs with children all the way to working with professional artists. The outreach programs encompass many different arts disciplines and take place in traditional art spaces and also non-traditional creative environments that fit the need of the artist and the community. Artown is seeking the expertise and creativity of an individual that is able to take our outreach to a new level.

Background in education and the arts is important as well as a love for working with people. The job is creative, exciting and provides our community with different ways to experience and learn about the arts.

We look forward to bringing a new and creative person onto our team.

The position
$15,000 contracted. This calculation is based on 20 hours but not to exceed 40 hours per month in January, February, March, April, May, June and August with an estimated 6 hours per day in July.

As this is a new position at Artown, the position will be reviewed after the first year and may be modified during the initial contract period.

Artown’s Education and Outreach Coordinator

The Education and Outreach Coordinator performs a broad range of duties in many areas of the
office and festival. This position will coordinate all outreach and educational programs within
the festival and those that take place throughout the year. They will also work directly with the
Festival Manager and under the Executive Director.

The Education and Outreach Coordinator Primary Responsibilities will include:

Discover the Arts
Artown’s weekday free workshop for children ages 6 – 12 (Mon – Thurs) and 2 – 6 (Friday)
during July. Every day children will discover an art form (for example ballet, puppetry,
storytelling, watercolors). The first hour will be discovering that art form which will be
presented by an expert in that genre. Thereafter the children will create a hands-on art project
that they will take home. Often times the project is themed to the arts genre experienced that
day. Five times during the month, the project will be made from recycled milk product cartons
which are supplied by the sponsor, Northern Nevada Dairymen.

Discover the Arts Coordination

  •  Plans and schedules daily Discover The Arts programs
  •  Contracts with artists who will present each day
  •  Design each hands-on project or coordinate with fine arts professionals to implement the projects
  •  Works within the Discover the Arts budget
  •  Keep all activities age appropriate
  •  Coordinate with summer camps who may bus children to the program
  •  Enter all projects into the Little Book portal
  •  Obtain high res photos for each artist
  •  Attend, manage every weekday project
  •  Recognize the sponsors every day
  •  Coordinate billing of participants for activities that require fees
  •  Welcome all the children, their parents and talk about other Artown opportunities thatmay interest them and increase audience base at events

Family Series Coordination Monday Evenings in July

 Plans and schedules food vendors

  •  Works with the Festival Manager on any aspects of the performers advance
  •  Coordinates with artists day of performance
  •  Plans, schedules and coordinates arts activities/projects for the hour between 6 and 7 pm
  •  Will be present each Monday and run the event from set up to tear down
  •  Coordinate sponsor recognition from the stage with Marketing Director
  •  Coordinate and implement Keep Artown Free on each day with Marketing Director
  •  Welcome all the children, their parents and talk about other Artown opportunities that may interest them and by so doing,     increase audience base at events

Missoula Children’s Theatre Outreach

Plan and organize 18 workshops at children’s summer engagement day-camps and programs.
Assist the Artown Festival Manager with the planning and implementation of the 6-day
residency rehearsals (Monday – Friday) and performances on Saturday.

Artist Outreach

Design and plan a variety of outreach opportunities for the artists who are contracted with
Artown and coordinate the outreach program within the community (examples include artists
performing in hospitals, health fairs, meet and greet with a group of artists, master classes,
residencies). These opportunities will occur throughout July and also throughout of the year
depending on when artists are contracted by Artown.

  •  Work with the Festival Manager and Executive Director on which artists are contracted to provide Artown with an outreach program
  •  Advance Artist outreach with Festival Manager for instruments, transportation and timing
  •  Research, plan and implement the program with community partners (If this is at the same time as Discover the Arts, an alternate team member will be provided to assist in executing projects)
  •  Provide and enter descriptions for outreach programs that will be listed on the website and in the Little Book.

Sponsor Outreach
Occasionally Artown partners with a sponsor to develop an art project or program. The
Education and Outreach Coordinator will work closely with the sponsor and executive member
of the Artown team to design, plan and implement the project. (An example includes a team
building art project conducted by employees of a sponsoring organization).

Other Responsibilities as Assigned

Qualifications Needed:

  •  Background and knowledge of the arts
  •  Background in education
  •  A passion to work with children and artists
  •  Motivated to work with multiple partners
  •  Extremely organized, efficient and detail oriented
  •  Strength in networking and listening to others
  •  Commitment to high-quality work product
  •  Proficient working with windows operating systems (Word, Excel, Outlook)
  •  Publisher, In-Design, PhotoShop, PowerPoint, Adobe Creative Suite a plus
  •  Strong written and oral communication skills
  •  Ability to prioritize and manage multiple projects simultaneously
  •  Highly motivated, self-disciplined and dependable
  •  Flexible and willing to adapt to the changing needs of a growing non-profit organization
  •  Motivated by the opportunity to serve the needs of the city of Reno and larger Sierra Nevada region with promotion of Quality of Life experiences


Please submit a cover letter with your interest for the position and your resume to Mike Esposito
at by November 15, 2019. References are not necessary at this time. Thank
you very much for your interest.

Call 775-322-1538 with any questions.


City of Reno