Visit | Artown


General Information

What to wear

Well you know…it’s July, it’s hot, and you should be prepared. Although being prepared with a light jacket or sweater is also recommended, don’t forget your sunscreen!

Who to bring

Friends and family and other loved ones – everyone’s welcome at Artown! Remember to leave animal companions at home as pets are not allowed in the park during events.

When to arrive

The park opens at 5:30pm at each Artown presented event (opening night, closing night, Wednesday world music.   The park closes for an hour before the opening time to prepare the park for the performances.

Note: Any items left in the park during that hour will be set aside by volunteers.

How to behave

We want you to have a fabulous time and to come back next year, so please comply with the requests of security and police officers. If a problem arises, any Artown volunteer, security officer or staff member will be happy to help.

Where to find lost and found and other necessities

Artown volunteers at the Artown Information Booth can help you with lost friends and playthings, and point you in any direction you need to go.

How to make a graceful exit

Clean up after yourself. Please. We’ll have plenty of trash bins at every event, so there’s no reason to leave anything behind.


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